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Our Goals

Everyday when we wake up we strike to create a perfect living situation for college students using cost effective, easy to use digital channels. How you live, and who you live with plays a pivotal role in your growth into the person you want to become


  • Current processes used to pair roommates are grossly inefficient. Endless sums of time are spent on platforms such as Facebook or Craigslist searching for someone to share a room or apartment with, without any reason to believe that you will be compatible with said person. Students, however, keep coming back to these platforms because the alternative is getting randomly paired by their school. We want to create a one stop platform that allows them to save time for what really matters.
  • Young adults are hesitant to share houses or apartments with people they have never met, much less never spoken to.

Colleges and universities

  • Universities and Colleges are spending their own time and resources pairing incoming students, when their time could be better spent on other responsibilities. 
    • A full time employee in an office of admissions may be spending hours upon hours looking through lists of admitted students, deciding who to pair together, while he or she could be completing a variety of other assignments delegated by an administrator.

landlords & housing companies

  • Housing companies have an incredible amount of difficulty filling houses to capacity, often with one or more bedrooms in a house being left empty. The amount of revenue lost in this process is extraordinary.

The combination of these issues paves the way perfectly for a digital platform that allows students to search for and find their own roommates.

No longer will students by unhappy with their living situations.

No longer will university employees be wasting their limited time pairing roommates.

No longer will housing companies be losing tremendous amounts of potential roommates by renting out partially filled units.

Unclear? Take a look at our wireframe!


The idea for Stumble first originated during an entrepreneurial summer program at Syracuse University July, 2018. The task presented to us was to think about and discuss problems that affect us or those around us in our daily lives. We were divided into groups, and began thinking. A consensus problem in our group was the difficulties our siblings had in finding roommates while attending school. Soon after, Stumble was born.


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Mahrouz Ahmad

Mahrouz is currently a senior at Shaker High School, where he has taken several classes relating to entrepreneurship. He first discovered his passion for entrepreneurship in 9th grade while taking a Sports & Entertainment Marketing class. To further his knowledge in entrepreneurship he decided to take an entrepreneurship boot camp at Syracuse University the summer after junior year, which would be the birthplace of Stumble. Along with working on Stumble and attending school, Mahrouz is an after school counselor at a local elementary school. For fun, he enjoys traveling, weight lifting, and watching football (Go Pats!). 



Shaker High School
Class of 2019


Activities & Affiliations

• Student, Shaker High School
• Counselor, Colonie Youth Center